Angling gear

The anglers going to the San are recommended to take the following gear:

Brown trout

A single-handed rod 9-10 feet long in class 6 (for streamer fishing) and in class 4-5 (for nymph or dry fly fishing). In the spring, mainly streamers and usually “intermediate” lines are used. You can also take an extra line with sink tip (class II or III). Also a mono- or fluorocarbon leader, with a diameter of 0.22 - 0.26 mm.

To fish on dry fly and nymph only a floating line with a leader 0.14 - 0.16 mm is needed.

In the spring (March-May) we fish with bigger streamers (black, brown, etc.) 4-8 in size, and heavier nymphs 8-12 in size with a tungsten head. March Brown imitation, freshwater shrimps (gammarus, scud), cased caddis imitations and flies type Polish worm.

For dry and wet fly we recommend a 9-foot rod in class 4-5. It is optimal for trout fishing. Dry and wet March Brown imitations do very well.

Summer (June-August) is a time of low and clear water. A 9 foot rod in class 4 is then sufficient. You can catch both brown trout and grayling with it on dry and wet fly, and small nymphs. Imitations of olive mayfly on 16-18 hooks, wet and dry caddis 14-16 (caddis and caddis pupa fly). At higher water, to fish with a nymph and possibly a streamer, a 9-foot rod in class 5 is enough. At this time of year floating lines and leaders 0.10-0.18 mm in diameter are usually used.


We recommend a one-handed rod with a length of 9-10 feet in class 4. This set works best in the autumn (September-November), when fishing should be gentle and delicate. Just a floating line and quite long (3-4 m) leaders 0.10-0.12 mm in diameter. This way, you can go on small dry flies and small nymphs (sizes 16-20). This is the most effective method in the autumn, which guarantees good results.

Danube salmon

It is a very strong fish, reaching enormous sizes, so to catch it, one need to be armed with heavier equipment. For a large nymphs (June) we use 10-foot rods in class 6-7 with a floating line, and for fishing on the big streamer (20 cm) you need a 9-foot rod in class 9-11 and a floating line (or intermediate).


When fishing with our guides, you do not have to worry about good flies. The starter pack (30 flies, effective and personally tied by our guides) will be given to you upon arrival, and additional flies can be purchased on site. The cost of one fly, depending on the type, is EUR 1 to 2.

Other elements of the gear

Waders are mandatory to take to the San, as well as a lightweight handheld landing net, tiny pliers to remove the hook from the fish's mouth and good polarized glasses.

Good quality fishing equipment can be rented inexpensively on site, but please tell us in advance (at least a few weeks before arrival).