Fishing guides

On the special stretch of the San there live a lot of fish. Sometimes they bite maniacally, but they can also be quite demanding, and their repeated fishing requires some effort. The technique used and the choice of appropriate flies become a key factor. Sometimes even a small difference in the shade of a fly determines the win or total defeat. It is difficult to know all the nuances of fishing on the San, if one does not fish there regularly.

Therefore, our fishing packages are based on high-end fishing guides who are genuine experts in the San. They spend on the river more than 150 days a year and know the water like no other. Catching nice fish specimens under the expert guidance is very likely, and we shall even venture to say that it is almost guaranteed.

Both guides tioe, of course, the most effective, local flies. After the arrival, each of the anglers receives as a gift 30 selected designs, and additional flies can also be purchased on-site at a very attractive price.

If someone of you had never fly fished, or is just a beginner fly fisherman, he is still very welcome. The guides will teach everyone to throw, construct fly sets, and will even disclose the basis of tying artificial flies.

One guide supports up to four anglers, which provides each customer with the appropriate, high level of service. Fishing takes 8-9 hours a day, but the guides have a flexible approach and it can be arranged in advance to extend this time a bit.

Here are our guides on the San:


Bronze medalist at the European Fly Fishing Championships

“Hi! I'm 39 years old and for 20 years I have been living and fishing at the beautiful San. For several years, I have been working as a fishing guide and running courses and training for fly fishermen. I also make I professionally the artificial flies that the San fish love.

I am an active participant in the fly fishing competitions across Europe, which allows me to constantly improve my skills and study fishing novelties. This way I can later pass them at the river to our guests.

I have participated in several events in the Gran Prix Poland series, fishing at many rivers and lakes throughout the country. The achieved performance translated into calling me in 2010 to the National Team and representing Poland at international events. My greatest achievement was to win the bronze medal at the European Championships in Sweden in 2014 and a bronze medal in the 2013Polish Championship at the San River and Myczkowce Lake. I wish to invite you to the wonderful river San – here fishing dreams of trout and grayling really do come true!"


Participant in the Grand Prix Poand tournaments, one of Poland’s top fly fishermen

"I was born in 1988, so I'm currently 26 years old. Since childhood, I was fascinated by both fish and fishing. The location of my native village near rivers abundant in many species of fish meant that I could go fishing often and learn the secrets of successful fishing quickly. Initially, I specialized in the bobber, in which I achieved a lot of sporting success. The culmination of my junior career was participation twice in the World Bobber Championships.

With time, however, I was more and more pulled into fly fishing – to such an extent that one day I switched from the float to the fly method for good. Since I believe that nothing develops skills like rivalry, in this case, I also started to compete. In 2012-2013, I competed in qualifying bouts for the Grand Prix of Poland. Already in the first year of competition I took high positions including in the first three. In the second year of competition I got promoted to the Grand Prix of Poland. Today, I take part in competitions at the highest level and I am ranked 22nd in Poland (2014).

With my passion I also tied my education and in 2012 I graduated from a college course in Aquaculture and the Protection of Aquatic Environment. During the vacations, I worked many times as a fishing guide on the San, which I was able to get to know very well for the past years. I am currently working at one of the major fishing centers in Poland, so my life is associated with angling.

I cordially invite you to fishing under my guidance – we will catch big fish and have fun together in the middle of the beautiful Polish nature."