Poles attach great importance to food, and we guarantee that no one, while fishing on the San, will walk hungry or dissatisfied with the taste and quality of food. The Polish cuisine is very tasty and nutritious. The Bieszczady mountains region is rich in venison and wild fruits of the forest, so you will have the opportunity to try dishes prepared with these products. When that does not suit someone (tastes are different), there will also be, of course, something for those who prefer international cuisine.

Polish restaurant services are not expensive compared to Western Europe, and their standard is high – in restaurants, often impressive with regional stylish design, you can find a great atmosphere and get into touch with the typical Polish hospitality. To this, one should add a few words about the Polish beverages. Traditionally, this is an excellent beer, made often in local breweries that are now appearing in Poland in recent times like the proverbial “mushrooms”. Polish vodkas are also known in the whole world: clear (a great base for drinks) and colored, flavored, such as kirsch, quince vodka or vodka flavored with dried grass from the area of the Białowieża Forest, called “Żubrówka”. In the mountainous regions, fruit distillates are also made, such as plum brandy. Wines, because of the climate, are practically not produced in Poland. However, they are replaced with delicious meads of power similar to the wine.

Characteristics of the meals served at our hotel:


It is served in generous buffet in the restaurant (meats, pate, cheese, cottage cheese, different kinds of bread, eggs, sausages, jams, honey, tomatoes or other vegetables, coffee, tea, juices, etc.). Breakfasts are very rich, nutritious and tasty.


The fishing guide takes provisions with him to the waterside and serves them as a lunch on the riverbank. Usually it involves a tasty sandwich and some fruit. If clients wish, the guide would prepare a hot lunch on the bonfire, which consists of e.g. roast sausage with mustard or some traditional Polish dish. Of course there is no shortage of hot tea / coffee and something stronger to warm up!


Dinner after the end of fishing is the culmination of the day. The time when everybody shares the experiences from the river, watch photos and set the tactics for the next day. Ideally, this is done at a tasty, evening meal, to which you can order from hotel a glass of beer, a glass of your favorite whisky, brandy or wine, or some other drink according to individual preferences. An appetizer, the main course and dessert are served. If you so wish, you relish traditional delicacies such as dumplings, cabbage stew, braised mushrooms, potato pancakes, skewers, Viennese schnitzel and many others. Of course, as mentioned above, it will also be possible to order something from the international cuisine - the hotel has a very talented chef.