You will find here answers to the most frequently asked questions. To obtain more information, contact us at: tel. +48 22 894 58 12 or email info@sanfishing.com

What fishing gear to take?

To be able to go fishing on the San you will need a one-handed rod in class 4-6, 9-10 ft. long and a floating and intermediate lines. More information on the necessary gear can be found HERE.

What flies are the most effective?

After booking confirmation you will receive complete information about the necessary equipment and flies. Each client will on arrival receive a gift of 30 very successful models of flies tied by our guides. Additional flies can be bought on the spot at a good price.

What is included in our package?

We know how precious is time spent on vacation, and so we offer fishing tours to the San on an “all inclusive” basis. We provide transfers from/to the airport, transfers to the river (5-20 minutes from the accommodation), full board, twin-bed rooms in a cozy hotel (high standard), licenses for the special stretch of the river, Tackle and flies. Fishing is always with a professional guide and lasts for 8-9 hours a day or more (on request). One guide supports up to 4 anglers, never more.

The package does not include travel to Poland and back, alcoholic beverages, fishing gear (possibility to rent), tips for the guides. Tips are discretionary.

Can the guides speak English?

Yes, they can communicate in English.

How to get to the San?

It is best reached by air to one of the three airports in southern Poland: Rzeszów, Kraków or Katowice. Our guide will wait for the guests at the airport. If you like to explore on the way, you can easily travel by your own car as well. Upon request, we will give our guests all the necessary tips on how to get here.

What currency to take?

In Poland, you pay with Polish zlotys (PLN), and 1 Euro is about PLN 4.3. Most of the benefits is included, and you do not need a large additional amount of money to spend on the spot. In the vicinity, ATMs are available, if necessary, or in many places you can pay with credit cards.

Is the area safe?

Yes. The Subcarpathian region is one of the most hospitable Polish regions. Under the supervision of our guides, all customers can feel safe. Note, however, that you are staying at the foothill area (possible sudden changes in the weather!), relatively wild, inhabited by many species of animals. So be wary of the weather and bring appropriate clothing, walk by the river along marked paths/trails and always adhere to the advice of our guide. We suggest that you do not walk after dark in a secluded area or forest (possibility of getting lost and encountering wild animals such as elk, deer, wild boars as well as bears and wolves – the latter two species are, however, very rare).

Is the river safe for wading?

Generally yes, but as on each mountain river you should be careful and listen carefully to the advice of the fishing guide. For the greater part of the special stretch the San is shallow and wading is quite comfortable, often to the depth of knees or thighs. There are also no problems with casting, because the river is wide and the anglers are not interfered by trees or bushes.

Note, however, that the Special Stretch is located below the power plant in Myczkowce and the river level depends on how much water the plant releases down at the moment. In the case of a rapid rise in water level, immediately stop fishing and go ashore. In such case, our guide will decide whether to continue fishing is safe.

Is there a risk of high water and lack of fishing?

As in the case of most mountain rivers, the San can quickly rise after heavy rainfall, and therefore fishing may be impossible for some time (usually one to two days because San as rapidly falls as it rises). However, the San is so vast and rich in good fishery that our guides are almost always able to find a place that is suitable for fishing, even at high water. In extreme situations, when fishing on the San is not possible at all (such situations are, however, very rare), we provide our customers with an opportunity of fishing from a boat on the lake Myczkowce (rainbow trout, lake trout). It is also an interesting water, rich in fish.

Rules of safe conduct

On arrival, our guide gives all customers in English the basic safety precautions for their stay and fishing on the San.

You should pay special attention to prudent wading in the river. San is a river quite safe, but each client receives on the first day an inflatable lifejacket, which we suggest to wear all the time while fishing. To persons who do not have experience in navigating the river, we suggest to stay all the time in sight for the guide (50-100 m) and to use the wading stick. The guide who will take care of you during your stay is a person with extensive experience who knows the local reality. We suggest that you always listen to his advice and recommendations for wading, fishing and staying in place.

Access to the river sometimes requires a short walk, which can be on slippery and uneven terrain (rocks, stones, muddy grass). You should move slowly and carefully, so as not to fall down and contract an injury. That's why we do not recommend the San to people with handicaps and those that can have problems with normal mobility in the field.

Wild animals in the vicinity of the river

In the case of meeting a wild animal (a situation unlikely, but possible in the mountainous environment) you should remain calm and slowly withdraw in the direction from which you came. Never walk barefoot (snakes sometimes occur on the San banks, but their bite is not deadly to healthy adults); it is also better not to walk alone – especially along the river after dark. Use mosquito and midge repellent (June-September), but insects are not very troublesome at the river.


When taking a trip to Poland, no vaccination is required. There are no epidemics here, either. Health risks are similar to those in other countries of Western Europe. However, we suggest that each client should bring a travel first aid kit stocked with basic medicines.

Other possible risks

One should pay attention when crossing the street (traffic in Poland is on the right side of the road). While walking along the road (e.g. on the way to the fishery), you should be cautious and alert to the fact that vehicles run fairly quickly (including trucks!).

What kind of food do you offer?

Poland and the Subcarpathian region are famous for its excellent cuisine. We guarantee that no one will be hungry, and tasty meals will remain for a long time in the memory of our guests. On the spot you will have the opportunity to try both traditional Polish cuisine, and international dishes. We provide three meals a day – breakfast from a magnificent buffet, lunch on the river and a three-course dinner after return from fishing.

Booking terms and conditions

  1. All customers stays and angles on the San at their own risk. Beforearriving, each customer receives complete tour information and the safety rules to be followed. While on site, the customer is bound to comply with the advice and directions from the fishing guide.

  2. While fishing you can only use barbless hooks, and there is an obligation to use a landing net. On the special stretch, there is a prohibition of taking any fish away.

  3. The customer must have a valid tourist health insurance to stay in Poland and a valid driving license (for groups who rent the car at the airport).

  4. Booking a stay is confirmed by the customer by making a deposit payment of 30% of the total price of stay. Full payment should be made by the customer not later than 60 days before the arrival to the bank account of SanFishing.com or to our agent in your country. Failure to pay by this date results in cancellation of the booking.

    Bookings not confirmed by an advance payment will not be accepted.

  5. Bookings can be made by email: info@sanfishing.com. After receipt of the advance payment, booking confirmation and all tour information will be immediately sent to your e-mail address. Also, you can always contact us by phone: +48 22 894 58 12

  6. Cancellation

    In case of cancellation, the customer’s payment is fully refundable up to 60 days before arrival. In case of cancellation within less than 60 days prior to arrival, the payment made is not refundable.

    If SanFishing.com is unable to provide any of the elements of the booking agreed with the customer, the customer has the right to cancel the arrival with a full refund of the cost paid to SanFishing.com

  7. The price offered by SanFishing.com may not change after the confirmation of the booking and payment of the advance by the customer.

  8. As for each river, safe and effective fishing depends on the weather conditions (primarily on the level of water in the river, and the degree of its clarity). The decision as to whether the river is good for fishing lies with the fishing guide. In the absence of fishing opportunities because of bad weather, the customer is not entitled to reimbursement for the stay, since the risk is inherent in the fishing sport.

If weather conditions prevent safe/effective fishing on the San, the customer will be proposed other attractions on the spot – e.g. fishing from a boat on the Myczkowce lake. On request, we can also arrange farther or closer sightseeing tours (tour), but in some cases this may involve the need to pay a small surcharge on the spot.