How to get there

The special stretch on the San, or around the city of Lesko, is indeed out of the way – away from major transport routes, but getting there is neither difficult nor very troublesome. Here are the distances from three major cities with airports that have regular connections with both Warsaw and many European airports (direct and via Warsaw):

Rzeszów (symbol RZE) – 90 kilometers

Kraków (symbol KRK) – 275 kilometers

Katowice (symbol KTW) – 360 kilometers

The flight from Warsaw to Rzeszów, Kraków or Katowice takes less than an hour and is performed by schedule at least once a day (sometimes several times a day).

For groups of up to 6 people, our representative welcomes them at the airport and takes them to the place of accommodation. For groups larger than 6 people it is necessary at the airport to rent a vehicle, which will be booked for you a long time before your arrival (vehicle rental is payable at the airport by credit card). Before leaving for the San, foreign anglers also receive from us an accurate description of the way from the airport to the fishing base, along with other pre-departure information.