The fishing season

Outside the period of winter and very early spring, the special stretch of the San is worth visiting at any time of the year.

Spring (mid-March to May)

It's the best time for brown trout, which after the winter are very hungry and bite without hesitation. At this time of the year, catching 10-20 fish per person is the standard. Spring is primarily a time for the streamer and large nymphs. We do not recommend this period for catching grayling. Sometimes, because of the high, post-thawing water, wading can be a bit harder than usual, but such situation rarely occurs in the San.

Early summer (June)

This is one of the best times on the special stretch. Water sinks and wading is usually easy and fun. Large insect swarming begins, and the fish are eager to come out to dry fly. This is the time when both trout and grayling bite well. It is warm, sunny and pleasant at the riverside. Twilight is late in the evening, so you do not need to rush after the fish! June is also a great month for the Danube salmon.

Summer vacations (July, August)

If the summer is hot, the best catches happen early in the morning and in the afternoon or even evening. The middle of the day can be let go; it is better to relax or explore the beautiful surroundings. If it is not too hot, fish bite well all day and the results do not differ from June. This is the time, when at the San and in the Bieszczady there are most tourists, but not too many anglers! Good catches are on small dry flies and small nymphs (sizes 12-18) on a long leader.

Autumn (September until mid-November)

This is the time for grayling and dry fly! Under favorable conditions (sunny, heat), you can count on up to dozens of fish per day. Trout can also happen, of course, but no one catches them intentionally at this time of year (they are getting ready to spawn). So in autumn streamers are not used, but only dry fly or nymph. The water in the river is usually very low and clear. On the banks there is the “Golden Polish Autumn” - the trees (mostly beeches, beautiful and abundant here, are covered with all shades of yellow and red. This is without a doubt one of the best moments to come to the San, especially if you like to fish with a dry fly. It is also a time for mushroom picking and hunting, so you can expect great surprises in the restaurant's menu!

Late autumn (November, December)

If the winter is mild, you can successfully fish grayling – even on a dry fly. However, at this time of the year, we invite especially those who want to hunt for the biggest local predator – the Danube salmon. In general, the worse the weather, the better this fish feeds. So you need to go fishing in the rain, snow and wind, as well as on dark and cloudy days. Fishing is a little extreme, for the most tenacious anglers. But is it not worth taking the risk? The reward can be a fantastic trophy – the “Danube salmon”, a fish very similar to those for which one travels to distant Mongolia. And its weight can be up to 20 kilos!