Only one short evening on beautiful San river… Check out the pictures. The hatch was lusty and fishing was crazy! Biggest graylings 47, 49, 52 cm and several trouts 50-58 cm. Congratulations to clients and our skilled guides!


Last weeks were very busy for us. We had several groups from France and most of them were reapeating clients. Fishing was a total BLAST and hatching hours brought many trophy size graylings and brown trouts. Biggest grayling exceeded 50 cm and biggest brown trout was 69 cm. What a monster! Last but definitely not the least, some great hucho-hucho were fooled by our clients and guides. Hucho is a difficult fish to catch and one needs a lot of patience and luck to trick it. Biggest hucho was 109 cm and several smaller were also caught.

We have very warm summer now on San river. Time of low water, dry flies, micro – nymphs and long leaders. Visit us and enjoy the one of the best fly fishing rivers in Europe!


Our guests from France and Italy got some carcking fish. The biggest grayling of the week was a 53 cm monster fooled by a dry sedge fly by Fillipo from Italy! Congratulations to anglers and our skilled guides – Bart and Gregory. Best time for fishing San river nowa are evenings when one can see hundreds of graylings and trouts rising. Dry fly fishing works the best but during day time you can have good fishing on small nymph as well.


Another week of good fishing has passed like a blink of an eye. Olivier and Julien from France had good time on San river although weather and waters levels were not always right. However, with skilled fishing guides like Bart and Gregory nothing is impossible! Our clients has caught many nice grayling (up to 48 cm) and brown trouts up to 50 cm. Most of the fish were taking dry flies so it was lots of fun. The fishing was at its best during midday hours with quite slow morning and evenings. Quite unusual this time of year...

Photos taken by Julien Lajournade (


Water levels has dropped finally and fishing got better right away. This week we had beautiful weather with clear skies and no rain at all. Small flies are hatching all day long and dry fly fishing is highly effective. Italian quests has left with many nice grayling caught, biggest was 50 cm. Almost all of them were caught on small dry flies in size 14 – 18.

Our guides found some big hucho in one of the pools and even hooked one! It was a huge fish over 100 cm long and unfortunatelly leader broke after short fight. A pity… There are more and more big hucho on the special zone of San river and june is one of the best time of the year to “meet” one.

Bart hooked also a really nice pike with large hucho nymph – quite unusual catch on our river!


Nice brown trout for our quest from Italy – Giorgio Cavatorti. Congratulations!

The water on San is still bit high (quite unusual for this time of year) but it is dropping fast. Fishing shall be very good next few days for trout and grayling. Stay tuned!


Spring has arrrived to San river! The water is getting warmer and warmer with every day and brown trouts are eager to feed. There is a mayfly hatch in the afternoons so dry fly is possible as well. In the mornings when water is cooler, the streamer is still the most effective method. Fishing with streamer brings bigger fish at San usually, especially in the spring time. This spring our clients have cought a few decent fbrownies in size 55 – 60 cm. Not a bad start at all!

Graylings and Danube Salmon are about to finish their spawning soon. We are also catching nice brownies and rainbows on our Myczkowce lake. This lake is a good option when water levels are too high to fish on San river. Next week quests from Italy and France and coming to us.

See You at the river!